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Visit to Paraguay with Plan International

By Editor

(Image: Natalie, second left.)

I am Natalie Bergqvist in S3D and I would like to spread the word of Plans charity-gala for “Världens Döttrar” this Friaday night on channel 3. I recently got home from South America where I, with my father and my sister, worked together with Plan in Paraguay.

Together we shot a reportage, which is going to be shown at the gala, where we visited different families far out on the countryside outside the main city Asuncion in Paraguay.

In the small villages of Paraguay there are huge issues regarding the access of medical centres. As well medical care is very expensive. Because of this there are a lot of mothers, around 30-35 % every year, who die when giving birth, as they have to do it at home without medical help. As well, in the lack of local medical centres, there are enormous amounts of young girls who don’t know the different functions of their own bodies. This results in a lot of cases of young girls getting pregnant as elder men often abuse them. These issues need to be noted!

On set in Paraguay we got to meet families with different cases regarding these issues. In their homes we got to listen to their stories and ask them questions. It was very interesting yet heart-breaking. And I can tell you… this is a world far away from the one we live in here in Sweden.

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This reportage, along with other reportages from other parts of the world, is going to be shown at the gala for “Världens Döttrar” this Friday night 8th of March at 20:00, Channel 3. This, in the aim of bringing forth the issues regarding young girls in LEDC’S. As well, this is an opportunity to become a “World Parent” where you support a child monthly, giving them an opportunity to a better life, for more info visit: My sister Sandra and I have become World Parents to a small boy, named Estefan, who we met during our visit. It feels good to know that you can help to make someone’s life a little better…

Take the time to pay attention to this. This Friday night 8th of March at 20:00, Channel 3
For more info about the gala, visit:

Best regards,
Natalie Bergqvist

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