Wanted: School Pictures !

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Wanted: School Pictures !

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As editor of the www.engelskagymnasiet.se I'm always on the look out for photographs to illustrate stories and news posts about life at IEGS. Although I often snap a few pictures when I am around the building, I'd like to invite those of you in the school community to submit any great pictures you've got to me at editor@sodermalm.engelska.se

I'm particularly after any great shots you've got that could be used in the rotator slot marked in this screen grab:

Pictures wanted for this slot
Pictures wanted for this slot

Please Note:

If you submit photos you are granting me permission to publish them on this website or the IEGS Facebook Fan page.
You should also ensure that you have the permission of anyone included in the picture to send it to me.

As the weather is particularly wonderful at the moment, I'd really like some pictures of IEGS students outside.

Any budding journalists?

Got a story for Latest News? Want to see your work in print? Just drop me a line to discuss you article pitch.

Do you think you can help?

Thanks very much,
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