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Welcome Back

By Editor

Welcome back to Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet for the academic year 2012-2013.

Monday and Tuesday saw Dr Benedikz welcome new students and familiar faces back to Allhelgonagatan. Teaching began according to the schedule at 8:10 on Wednesday.

Going Google

Yes, there are new staff and changes to the building; however, one of the biggest changes to the way we work at IEGS is the move to Google Apps for Education. In practice this means we're now using Gmail for school mail, Google Docs for word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, forms, etc, and Google Drive for storage. You can login to Google by clicking on the Gmail icon on the top of this page.

Click the link to access your Google account

Student email addresses are as follows:

e.g is for Anna Student who started IEGS in 2010.

Teacher email addresses are:

Keeping in Touch with Social Media

You can also keep up to date with the school, what's happening, ask brief questions, get in touch by following us on Twitter.
If you're not on Twitter yet, go along to and sign-up.

Remember, don't use a profile picture or username that you wouldn't mind the principal seeing. And never write anything you wouldn't want the principal to see. Twitter is a public forum and every year someone says something or shares a picture that upsets someone in the community.

The IEGS Facebook Page is also a good place to keep up to date with us and comment on events and news items. You can also ask brief questions.

kLet's hope it's going to be a great year for everyone who studies and works at the school.

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