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Welcome Back to Another Term!

By Editor

Make the most of the good weather!

Welcome back to all the second and third years. It was great to see you back in school after the summer. Here's to a wonderful and successful year – for everyone.

What's Happening with the IEGS Online Community?

This year we've got plenty of things planned.

There will be a new website design up and running in early September. It's currently being put together by a Spain-based agency in partnership with a Swedish company. For the technically-minded among you it will be a "custom CSS skin" sitting on top with the current Thesis WordPress install.

We're very excited about the new look which combines that classic, classy international school-feel with a strong flavour of social media goodness.

Bringing the community together – online

At Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet we strongly believe that the Net can be a positive way to bring the community together. So as well as regular updates here, we'll also be continuing with the Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Facebook Page that we started last year. If you haven't joined us there yet, please do.

It's often a great way to stay up-to-date with what's happening and a very easy channel for the school's communications officer to get short and snappy messages out to you at short notice.

What about Twitter?

There's a video post about Twitter coming up later this week, but in the meantime you really should get an account and follow Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet on Twitter.

Because it's like a text-messaging service, and works really well with smart phone applications like Twitter, HootSuite and TweetDeck, it's probably the fastest way to get hold of the school's communications team. Similarly, all Facebook posts from the Page administrator and all blog posts here get announced on Twitter so you can be sure you're not missing something when you're out and about if you follow us.

A lot of you have been using the Formspring " Ask us anything" feature on the school website. Since introducing this we've had a stack of questions. The one problem with Formspring, however, is that the email notifications that there's a new question aren't always reliable. A lot go missing. Besides, we're often too busy monitoring Facebook and Twitter to check for email notifications.

The Formspring account was set up with prospective students in mind and we're currently in two minds about whether or not to ditch the service.

What are your thoughts? Do you like being able to ask anonymous questions?


This year the Text & Communication class will be chipping in with articles and posts on this website (even if they don't know it just yet!) and also be launching an Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet podcast. So there will be plenty of online activities to keep everyone updated about what's happening at IEGS - the home of English education in Stockholm !!!

Watch this post for details!

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