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What's a Former School President Doing?

By Editor

(Image: Jakob has recently launched his own business)

Former Student Council President Jakob Broman graduated from Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet back in 2010. We caught up with him last week for a brief chat.

IEGS: So where are you now after graduation from IEGS?
Jakob: After graduation I only had a shot break and then life begun for me outside IEGS.

I spent the summer getting ready to leave for Paris and attended a really intense month-long language course developing my French.

Then I practiced all that I'd learned by working at a vinyard in Bourgogne, France. It was back-breaking work but I had to communicate in French so I learned a lot.

I came back to Stockholm in the middle of October and worked as a substitute math/science teacher for 7-9th graders. Then in late November I left to pursue a life-long dream of working and skiing for a whole season in the Alps.

So I worked as a chef in a French restaurant in Verbier, Switzerland. There I stayed and made masses of friends and managed some great ski-runs until the end of the season, which is in the middle of April. Then I returned to work both as a substitute teacher and “chef fore hire” through a job agency in Stockholm. I've basically worked and managed a couple of trips abroad since I came back.

IEGS: What is the one thing that you miss the most about IEGS?
Jakob: The House spirit! Two years ago it was great fun to be the first students experiencing the House system.

We designed the logos, ordered the ties, competed in a whole variety of inter house competitions like debates, the song competition, a football tournament. The whole thing created a great atmosphere amongst the students in the school.

I know that I haven't left that family as I am still a member of my House, Pavlov, but I still miss the unity of the IEGS students competing over which House is the best.

IEGS: A little bird told us you've started a company? What is that all about?
Jakob: Yes, the company is called Calculate It and I started it together with my brother, Ossian. The idea has been growing in my head for the past two years.

We sell calculators to students at a price which is lower that the market price. The idea is very simple: we sell calculators that have been used for a couple of hours and are in mint condition. Because they've been used for a couple of hours or so they can't be sold as "new".

But you wouldn't be able to tell if it was used or not if you held one in your hand.

The idea is to help students get hold of a great calculator, but at a much lower price than they would otherwise pay.

IEGS: Sounds good! So if any IEGS student is interested in finding out more what should they do?
Jakob: Email me at or visit our website:

IEGS: Did your time at IEGS inspire you to go into business?
Jakob: Absolutely! I added both extra Mathematics (E) and the two Business courses,(A & B) to my course programme and they really made me feel confident about starting my own company.

I believe that the kind of education I got at IEGS has made me ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

IEGS: So you’re going to study business at Uppsala. Do you feel you’re prepared for university?

Jakob: Yes! Life is a set of challenges and I try to meet each one with a positive attitude. This way of thinking makes problems look smaller and less dangerous. This attitude together with a thorough education from IEGS makes me smile when I think about the new challenges that I will encounter in Uppsala this autumn.

BONUS QUESTION: What's your best memory from IEGS.

I really remember how it felt starting my term as Student Council President by giving a speech to all the new students on their first day in school. Standing there and looking at all the new faces filled with hope and excitement I remembered exactly how I had felt two years earlier; at the same time I was happy because they were starting a fantastic three year long journey towards an adult world, accompanied by inspirational teachers and international classmates – just like I had once begun my own journey.

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