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A word from our Principal at the beginning of the new school year

By Megan Rocher

A warm welcome to IEGS for the academic year 2016/17! I extend a special welcome to our new 250 students and 6 new staff members that have joined our learning community. This year proves to be another fun-filled, learning year for our students with plenty of opportunities for developing both inside and outside of the classroom as we continue to work towards making our school an even better one.

Being in school each day as a student (and a teacher) is very exciting, as you are constantly learning new things. You may be inspired, and yes, perhaps at times, not so inspired. But, school is a place where opportunities abound!  My words shared with students in our first assemblies have been, this is your moment, your year, a time to try something different, to seize the opportunity. One should do all one can do today to make ones’ future better. I can already see our students seizing opportunities and trying new things, and I am sure I will see more of this at our annual club fair next week.

This year, we are hosting exchange students from Brussels and Brazil, and a teacher from Austria. What a wonderful way for IEGS to continue to be part of the learning community! At IEGS, we aim never to become stagnant in our role as educators as there is always room to improve one’s didactics. As such we are thrilled to be hosting one of IES’ annual regional conferences for our teaching staff in October, with the theme Educate, Engage and Inspire.

The road to success and the accomplishment of our set goals is not always a direct and easy one. It is often more complex. Each student’s goal is different, and each student has a different path for his or her success. As a student your challenge is to take responsibility for your learning to be engaged in the learning process and to both accept and ask for help when needed. As educators our challenge is to help unravel this path for each student. Our highly qualified and professional personnel are committed to meet these needs.

Looking forward to a very positive and productive year together! 

/ Dr Heimeier


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