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Activities in the Mathematics Department at IEGS

By Suma Venkatagiri

This year about 15 students from IEGS participated in CEMC (Canadian Maths Challenge) which is an external worldwide competition organised by the University of Waterloo. This competition helps to inspire the next generation of students to develop an interest in, and love for, Mathematics and Computer Science and requires problem solving skills.

Our students also participated in Skolornas Matematiktävling which is an annual Mathematics competition for all gymnasium students in Sweden.

We also have our own internal competition: a Monthly Math Problem that students participate in, led

GYAR – Gymnasiearbetet at IEGS

By Suma Venkatagiri

Word cloud based on some of the words found in this years GYAR reports

Springtime has reached Stockholm and that means once again the third year students have succeeded in submitting their year long Gymnasiearbetet senior projects. GYAR projects come in many shapes and sizes at the school but they all share the common challenge to produce a final piece of work that uses all the tools and knowledge gained by the students during their three years of high school study in a specific program. Projects were carried out during 2018-2019 in the school, and a number of students were successful

World Book Day in the Library, 2019

By Suma Venkatagiri

World Book Day is a yearly event, celebrated on April 23rd, organized by UNESCO as a worldwide tribute to books and reading. According to UNESCO April 23rd is a symbolic day for literature, since on that date in 1616 both Shakespeare, Cervantes and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega died.

Click here for more information about World Book Day and UNESCO.

Since April 23rd is an inset day this year, we will celebrate with a World Book Week!

Starting on Wednesday 24th, the library will be filled with book-related activities, including Intercultural Poetry, Book Quiz, Found Poetry Workshop and

Third Year Production, 2019

By Suma Venkatagiri

20th of February 2019 the IEGS had their premiere of Cluedo, a play based on the board game with the same name. The show follows seven strangers; the feeble-minded Colonel Mustard, the tragic Mrs White, the religious Mrs and Mr Peacock, the nervous Mr Green, the womaniser Professor Plum and the intriguing Ms Scarlet. They are all invited to the same party where there are two sneaky butlers and a mysterious host. Suddenly there is a murder, and the guests have to figure out who did it, where and with what.

I remember in the first year watching the then third-year drama students do their

Focussing on health habits with exciting physical activities at IEGS!

By Suma Venkatagiri

During week 13 IEGS focused on promoting physical activity as part of our proactive work in raising awareness for health and wellbeing for all ages. Inline with the Sustainable Development Goal #3 Health, IEGS aims to spread awareness, create opportunities to practice what we preach, and engage in conversations with students and staff on different health topics.

For me this was the most active I have been in a week in probably months. Since I help to organise the activities I also try to participate in as many as I possibly can to support the staff and students who engage in them.

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