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Welcome to the Aesthetics Program Workshop Day for Drama at IEGS

By Suma Venkatagiri

It’s time to recruit new drama students to the Aesthetics programme. Ninth graders who have applied, have received an invitation to the Audition day the 21st of March. The potential new students will come prepared with a monologue to perform, and they will also get the chance to meet current drama students and do some drama exercises. The workshop gives the students the opportunity to get to know the school and the ways of working in the department. We are positive they are going to have fun and like what they see of our school.

We can’t wait to meet next year’s new drama students!


Have a great Sportlov Break

By Armand Pers

January and February have been busy months for the Aesthetics Department. The whole school was involved in the Winter Sports Day, and this was sandwiched between the Art exhibition and 3rd Year Drama production.

These events really showcased the passion and enthusiasm within our school. A big thank you to all students and staff that have contributed in making those events a success, as well as those who supported it.

Wishing everyone in the IEGS family a great Winter Sports break. There will probably be more sun than snow in Stockholm, so enjoy the time off.   

Mr Mahadeo


Fall In Love With Books

By Armand Pers

Are you in Love with Books?

Let a book be your secret Valentine!

Come to the library and borrow a secret love book, open it at home and devour your secret love story.Could it take place on the Wuthering Heights of Emily Brontë, in Nadeem Assam's unnamed town or maybe in a London described by Xiaolu Gui?

Or will it be somewhere else? Pick your secret Valentine and find out!

Ms Grönwall


IEGS Houses Celebrate Community & Collaboration!

By Rachel Heimeier

IEGS celebrates 10 years of having the House System within our school. Belonging to a House at IEGS encourages community, team-spirit, and a unique sense of togetherness. Through the House system, our teachers encourage our students to develop skills such as leadership, teamwork, competitiveness and resilience. So as we begin the Spring Term of 2019, we continue to celebrate House spirit with a range of inter house competitions (IHC).

First up, IHC Pingis (Table Tennis) Competition held on January 15. Our students showed great team spirit in this fast paced game, with the winning house

Happy New Year

By Rachel Heimeier

I always find it challenging to get back into work and study mode after the festive season. But meeting with our teachers and staff today, I feel energised and ready for the spring term ahead.  The new year brings a world of fresh possibilities and opportunities. 

So welcome 2019, and to all staff and students, a warm welcome return to studies at IEGS.

Dr Heimeier

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