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Applying from abroad

Do I need to be able to speak Swedish to attend your school?

You will have to read and pass courses in Swedish in order to graduate from any Swedish gymnasium including Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet unless you take the IB Programme. You can find more information regarding this at Gymnasieantagningen,

What are the requirements to be competent (behörig)?

You can find information about the requirements for studying at senior high school (gymnasiet) at If you have questions, you can contact Gymnasieantagningen directly. Their contact info is on their homepage.

I have already studied two years abroad; can I start your 3rd year?

Unfortunately not. All students from outside Sweden must start in Year 1 unless they have studied at a Swedish school abroad: e.g. Svenska Skolan in Paris.

Why do I have to start year 1 if applying from abroad?

In order to graduate from a Swedish gymnasium you will need to have read courses corresponding to 2500 points from the Swedish curriculum. This you will do during the time of three years at gymnasium when following the Swedish curriculum.

Can I count my High School year in USA (exchange student)?

No, unfortunately not. For example, if you went as an exchange student during your 3rd year, you will have to start your 3rd year when you return to IEGS.

I have been an exchange student for a year and would like to transfer to IEGS, what should I do?

You can find more information about how to apply to transfer under the “How to Apply” section on the IEGS main web page.

Do I need to translate my grades into English?

Yes, please translate your grades into English if they are in a language other than Swedish. You will also need to explain your grade system and demonstrate that the grades are correct in the translation: i.e. approved by your school.

I don´t have a personal number, what should I do?

In order to attend any Swedish gymnasium all students must have a personal number. Information regarding personal number can be obtained at and

Are there any fees?

There are no fees required at IEGS. Once a student has a personal number all school fees are paid for by the municipality.

Do you accept exchange students?

IEGS have received exchange students in the past and can still do that if there are any places available, but in order to come as an exchange student you will have to apply through an exchange student organisation.

Visiting the school

Can I visit your school?

Yes you can. You are welcome to visit school during our “Open House evenings” (see the calendar on web page).

If you can´t come during the Open House evenings but wish to visit IEGS you are welcome to contact IEGS on

When are your “Open Houses”?

The Open houses are a great opportunity to visit school, ask questions to the teachers and meet current students. Please see our main web site for next Open House dates.

Can I sit in on a class?

Unfortunately, we do not have student visit days, but you are welcome to book time for a tour of the school. Tours of the school usually take about 20 minutes. Email to book this.

Applying if you’re already at school in Sweden

I´m IN 9th grade (Sweden), I would like to apply to your school. What should I do?

If you wish to apply to IEGS you will have to do that through Gymnasieantagningen, There you will find information on when to apply, how to apply, what is required to be competent (behörig). The guidance counsellor in your current school should also be able to help.

I have only gone to Swedish speaking schools before. Can I attend your school?

Yes of course, providing your English is of a sufficient standard as most lessons are taught in English. If you feel this may cause you some difficulty please arrange a visit so that we can discuss the matter. Many of our students start Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet after previously studying at a Swedish-speaking school.

FAQ About the application


How should I apply to IEGS?

How to apply to IEGS varies depending on, for example, if you are in 9th grade or if you wish to transfer. Please follow the instructions under the "How to Apply” section on the main web page.

When will I get an answer if I get a place at IEGS?

If you apply through Gymnasieantagningen you can find information on their web page about the relevant dates and whether your application has been successful or not.

For transfer applicants: Once you have completed and submitted your application you will receive a confirmation email. We will then contact you if we have a place, or if we have any questions. You can find information on how to apply under “How to Apply” on the main web page.

What is the latest day to apply to your school?

If you apply through Gymnasieantagningen you can find info about important dates on their website

For transfer applicants: You can apply all year, but applications will not be handled after May 31st as IEGS prepares to finish for the summer. Applications are then looked at again in the first working week of August.

How Many points do i need?

The points to be "behörig" to IEGS varies between programme and year, depending on the grades of that year's applicants. You can see statistics for all Stockholm schools at Gymnasieantagningen

For IB, the point averages are not relevant since a majority of the applicants don't have Swedish grade points and therefore can not get a Swedish point average. 


I would like to transfer from another Swedish gymnasium - what do I need to do?

Follow the instructions under the section “How to Apply” on the main website.

Do you have a waiting list?

If IEGS is full, other students wanting a place are placed on a waiting list. As a place becomes available, potential transfer students will be contacted.

Can I start in the middle of a semester?

It is not recommended to start to long after the semester has begun, but exceptions can be made. Ideally, transfer applications should be submitted by the 15th September each year.

About IEGS

How many students are there at IEGS?

IEGS has approximately 700 students.

What language are the lessons taught in?

IEGS follows the Swedish national curriculum but we deliver it in English. Swedish language lessons and other modern languages, Spanish, French, etc are also taught.
Please note: On the Economic program, the courses in the specialisation ”law” will be taught in Swedish.


How many nationalities are there at IEGS?

Over 40 languages are spoken at IEGS; there are as many nationalities/cultures.

From which countries are the staff from?

IEGS Staff are from all over the world, with the majority from English-speaking countries. 

When does the school year begin?

The academic year begins around the 3rd week of August.

Graduate from IEGS

How many years do I have to study at a Swedish school in order to graduate

To graduate to you must complete three full academic years in a Swedish school system and read courses corresponding 2500 points. To read more information on what is required to be competent to higher education, please go to

Can I graduate if I only partly complete the three year program?

Unfortunately not; if you complete less than the three academic years you will not officially graduate.

Will I be able to go to University in Sweden or abroad if I graduate from IEGS?

Yes. Many of our former students go to universities both in Sweden and abroad. You can read more about requirements to higher studies at

If you have any further questions please contact:

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