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Economics with Specialisation Law

Programme Information

The Economics Programme with specialisation Law at IEGS is an exciting and diverse program that prepares students for university studies in the Social Sciences, Law, Education and Administration. Amongst others we offer courses such as Business, Law, English, Swedish, Modern Languages, Geography, History, Humanities, Math, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Religion.

Students are also offered a variety of electives within their programme of study including, but not limited to: Art, Drama, Creative Writing, Journalism and World Literature. 

Programme Objectives

The Economics Programme with specialisation Law seeks to develop students research, analysis, and communication skills within the context of a wider awareness of the world. The goals of the programme are to:

  • acquaint students with the principal concepts and practices in the social science disciplines with extra focus on Economics and Law
  • help students develop an understanding of the scientific methods and objectives of current social science research
  • develop students' language skills so that they can communicate at an appropriate level generally, and specifically, in the vocabulary of the social sciences, including economics and law
  • equip the students with the capacity to establish relationships between the principal elements and concepts of the social science disciplines
  • help students integrate their disciplinary knowledge into a coherent framework

University / Careers

Graduating from IEGS in the Economics-Law Programme will give you the skills to pursue university studies in Sweden or abroad. If you are looking for a career in archeology, business, criminology, international development, education, journalism, law, politic among many others, this is the kind of programme you should be considering.

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Safe environment.
Thanks to our international atmosphere we have a vibrant and supportive school community, where we believe that a student’s well-being is necessary for effective learning. We strive at all times to provide a safe and supportive, as well as an academically challenging, environment in which to study. Learn more ...