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IHC Debate 2014 - 2015

At 8AM sharp the respective teams of Curie and Pavlov gathered outside the Pavlov corridor, awaiting the first motion of the IHC Debate this year. The team captains were called in and a few minutes later the doors opened and it was announced:

This house would reintroduce National Service to Sweden between the ages of 18 to 21, with Curie as the proposition and Pavlov as the opposition. This required a model on how this reintroduction of National Service would be implemented in our society and this lies on Curie.

IEGS in European Youth Parliament

IEGS EYP team has been selected as one of 22 schools in Sweden to participate in the national session of the EYP which will take place in Umeå on March 13-16. At this session teams of delegates will compete for the prize of representing Sweden in the international session of the EYP later next year.

If you see any of our team be sure to give them a pat on the back!

Tilda Nilsson (SPD2F)
Clara Korsgren (IB)
Anton Erlandsson (IB)
Evin Badrniya (EC2H)

Song Competition IHC 2014

As every year this years song competition has taken place. It's always a great event to both watch and be a part of as the many talents of the students here at IEGS are displayed. It's both a fun and a challenge to work together as one house, first by choosing a song and then having to coordinated everyone so sing on point and on key! It really does bring out the best in us all, giving us the chance to show our creative and fun side and at the same time bringing us all together. The dedication and enthusiasm shown by the students participating is a real joy to watch!

Floorball IHC 2014

The floorball inter house competition is always an intense event which raises the temperature when autumn is approaching.

This year, there was an increased focus on the house aspect of the event by increasing the total number of players required for a team. After two afternoons with six very competitive matches, the King team could triumph as champions after an early “final” against Curie house.

The 6th annual cross- country - IHC

The 6th annual cross- country run this year took place at Ursviksmotionsgård in Sundbyberg on the 4th September 2014.

With a fantastic venue set in the beautiful Swedish countryside, only a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of Stockholm city, the stage was set for battle of the first IHC event of the academic year.

Clash of the Classes Winners - NS1A

During the past three weeks IEGS Sports union have organized a topsball tournament for the first years at IEGS. The competition has been tough and both the semifinals and the final were really close to ties. However, in the final Emilia Ganslandt, Anton Ulvhuvud, Caroline Oja, Theodor Karlström and Fredrik Nilsson from NS1A showed everyone their good “topsball mode” when they won due to shootouts against NV1C. A big big congratulations to the new IEGS topsball championships and the first Clash of Classes winners!


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