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World Book Day

By Megan Rocher

World Book Day is a yearly event, celebrated April 23rd, organized by UNESCO as a worldwide tribute to books and reading.
More information about World Book Day and UNESCO. Of course we will celebrate World Book Day in IEGS Library as well! Since April 23rd is a Saturday this year, the celebrations will be on Friday. The day will feature exhibitions, literature quizzes and more.

At 09:45 the author Johanna Wester will give a lecture and discuss writing with the students. Johanna Wester is the author of Nattsagor för sömnlösa. She has also worked with human rights issues with for example

Inspirational speaker Kristina Paltén visits IEGS

By Lydia Barsawme

If you’re ever feeling unmotivated, here’s a small suggestion: google Kristina Paltén. You’ll find a link to her website, and there you can read about her absolutely incredible accomplishments. She has to set world records (322,93 km in 48 hours and 107,49 kilometers in 12 hours), climbed mountains, sailed from Fiji to New Zealand, the list goes on. She’s also the first woman to have run across Iran.

When Kristina first started speaking, what she was told us about herself was quite different to what I was seeing. She seemed perfectly comfortable talking in front of students and teachers

French Tour to Lyon

By Megan Rocher

We, the French 5 and IB French B higher level students at IEGS, went on a trip to Lyon situated in the South West of France. The purpose of the trip was to practice our French skills and to experience French culture. In just four days we did a lot of fun things! We stayed at a beautiful apartment, just like the ones in French movies. The sunrise was visible over the rooftops through the kitchen window, and the sunset from the bedroom window. The apartment was located in the nice neighborhood along the Boulevard de Belges, a short walk from the red metro line station Messéna. After our arrival

LGBT Books in the Library!

By Lydia Barsawme

As a part of the Anti discrimination week, there will be an exhibition in the library with books with a LGBT theme. LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender.

As natural as it feels for us that the school library could have an exhibition with books that celebrates all kinds of love, it is important to remember that this would not be possible in some parts of the world. In some countries homosexuality is punished with death. But also in Sweden many teenagers and adults feel like outsiders and not accepted for who they are.

Welcome to the library to take a look at the books! I

Science in Books

By Lydia Barsawme

Science in Books month starts now and lasts until Christmas. Fiction and non-fiction books with scientific theme will be on display in the library during this time. Come and and browse through the wide selection of amazing literature.

To Milan and Back - Andiamo!

By Lydia Barsawme

October and autumn had come, and it was finally time for a bunch of us IEGS students to indulge in a one-week exchange to Milan. The anticipation had been building up gradually over a long period, and - needless to say - the expectations were doubtlessly met.

To go on an exchange is a unique experience. What distinguishes it from a stereotypical five-star-hotel vacation is the opportunity to truly get a taste of the lives of the locals, as a family is hosting one. This forces anybody out of their comfort-zone, whether they like it or not, and gives a more truthful and accurate

Operation Wallacea - South Africa 2015

By Lydia Barsawme

IEGS in South Africa 2015

July 8th, and everyone is gathered at the airport, excited and ready to go. After x amount of forgotten passports, struggles with lost cameras and uncompleted documents for entering the country, we finally landed in Johannesburg after many hours on the plane trying to kill time by watching Disney, The Great British Bakeoff, or any possible sci-fi movie we could get a hold of during the flight.

We got picked up by probably the smallest possible bus we could have gotten, (we were pretty much swimming in a sea of huge backpacks) which took us to the charming


By Lydia Barsawme

Yesterday, Milena Axklo from IEGS, performed her monologue "Det är ju Bedrövligt" in Kungsträdgården.

World Book Day

By Lydia Barsawme

World Book Day is a yearly event, celebrated April 23rd, organized by UNESCO as a worldwide tribute to books and reading. It is a way to celebrate reading as well as fight against illiteracy. With 175 million adolescents in the world unable to read a single sentence, World Book Day is a way to raise awareness. More information about World Book Day and UNESCO

Of course we will celebrate World Book Day in IEGS Library as well! The day will feature an exhibition of the rarities from the library book collection, literature quiz and more.

Andrea Lundgren. Photo: Ylva Sundgren.


Chinese Language Competition

By Lydia Barsawme

This past weekend two of our students, Erika Carlsson and Mikael Carlsson, participated in the Chinese Language Competition here in Stockholm.

They did an amazing job, being both confident and aiming for the best results, their ambitions came from their serious, time-consuming preparation that they put in during the 2 months before the competition! Which definitely paid off as IEGS was awarded the second prize over all! Mikael won the first prize and Erika the second prize as individuals, which is a great accomplishment for them and IEGS. There were three parts that they were graded on

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