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A Wonderful First Week!

By Lydia Barsawme

It’s Friday and you made it through the first week of lessons, give yourself a pat on the back! It’s been the beginning a new chapter in your life journey for many of you. You may have been a little nervous and that is natural. Some of our teachers have been a little nervous too as it may be their first time teaching in our high school. And for some teachers and students, it is their first time in this city or country.  It is a new academic year, a new beginning, with so many new possibilities. I hope that during this first week you have taken it all in and been open to all that is new around

Let's focus on the now

By Linda Kruusmägi
Dr Rachel Heimeier

And just like that, the summer vacation has come to an end. Teachers and non-teaching staff have made their way back to school and I must say it has been wonderful to be together again in real life (IRL). Stories of “staycation” have been shared and I see that summer glow on rested faces, mixed with a sense of eagerness to return to working routines in school and with our students again IRL too.

Academic year 2020/21 will be different. IEGS has prepared for a return to school in line with the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s current recommendations. In our current twenty-first century lives

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